Two Sides of the Same Coin

Unity in the Binary

The binary vs non binary discussion about sexuality, preference and gender has almost reached “barbeque stopper” proportions - bound up with an explosion of revelations about child sexual abuse and a wider level of recognition of diversity around gender identification. In all of this the focus on the individuals - the people - get lost in causes, moral positions, self righteousness and self assigned “rights”.

Yet at the heart of it all are real people who like to express themselves as they please without judgement, condemnation or discrimination. They too have a tale to tell - a story. Their true selves do not have to be lauded, they don’t have to make any point - they don’t even need to be taken as lives of great moment. They are, after all, just people.

This work shows one person - their two facets, the dance, the self seduction and the integration of the two selves. They are shown in the context of outrageous ordinariness. Getting ready for a night out - a first date. The “gentlemanly” behaviour of opening the door for the lady, the romancing, the late night out, the proposal, the garish wedding photo and the simple cheekiness of a stolen kiss behind an umbrella - against the back drop of a parliament which refuses a simple marriage, an ordinary social custom, to those who are not “a man and a woman”.

After the flourish of romance and marriage the couple settle in to a middle class existence (Caillebotte) and finally, the “companionate love” of an  American Gothic couple - flipped.

Not so unusual, not so important, not so threatening - just an integrated person - just a couple. Unity.