A Furtive Glance

We sub consciously take “visual grabs” of our environment every moment of every day. I want to use photography to bring these grabs, the associated “chatter” (and lightening judgements) to the viewers attention by sharing my own.

As I walk the streets I encounter thousands of people - most of whom I give barely a second glance. Many I don’t even recognise as anything other than a person in my way or moving in the opposite direction. Yet, there is a running commentary in my head about the streetscape of people unfolding in front of me - like a movie. I became aware that as I walked I would sometimes pay more attention - momentarily - to some people, and that more than just glancing, a brief, often dismissive phrase would spontaneously present itself - like a broken dialogue in a continuous movie. “Too fat”, “typical asian tourist”, “religious weirdo”, “smoker”, “hopeless junkie” and so forth. 

As these were “furtive” glances, I realised that they would be perfectly illustrated by photography.